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Atta' boy, Ricky!
Atta' boy = That's the boy
Awwwww! Naaaaasty!
(あぁあああッ! うざいッ!)
Blood! Blood!
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!
Don't pretend you don't like it Ricky.
Finish him off!
Fuck him up!
Fuck that thing!
Fuckin' monsters!
Get you some!
Go get him - get him!
God, I love this job...
Gotcha, Bitch!
Gotcha = got you
Grab him!
Hey Chuckles... let's do this.
He's down!
He's gonna feel that in the morning. Or now.
He's gonna feel that in the morning... if he has a morning.
He's hurt!
His insides should be on the outside!
Hit 'em harder!
I said good day, sir!
I want to see what's inside!
Keep it coming!
Kill it!
Let's make a mess, what do you say?
what do you say? (勧誘)いかがですか? (挨拶)やあ
Lets show 'em what we can do!
Make 'em suffer!!
Nice one!
Now for the fun stuff!
Now you're getting it Ricko!
Now's your chance!
Now's your chance baby, now's your chance!
Oh that's gotta hurt!
Oh, keep it coming.
Ooooow, this is gonna be messy.
Piece by Piece!
Pop 'em like a zit!
Snap it in half!
You got knocked the fuck out didn't ya!
Well THIS is more like it!
Aw, man
Did you notice you are losing?
Don't forget what you're fighting for.
Focus, dammit!
(集中しろ、くそっ) Get it together, Rick!
(しっかりしろ、リック) Now for the fun stuff!!
Open your eyes!
We-are-going-to-DIE, Rick!
What the hell?
What the hell's the matter?
Will you please kill something?
Would it kill you to kill something?
(そいつはお前さんを殺すのかい? ※無機物被ダメージ)
Yeah... pour it on.
You're killin' me pee-wee
You are getting your ass handed to you.
you got to focus. Focus!
Smelly ass piece of shit!
Son of a bitch!
Can you hurry up and hit continue?
Fucking, Rookie!
Ah now, that'it!
Fuckin yummy man!
Give me more!
Let's eat!
More, I want more!
Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah!
That hit the spot!
WEAPON - 2x4:
2x4. Handy...
Ah 2x4... handy. Let's do some fucking carpentry.
2x4 正式名称はオフィシャルで2x4。色々汎用性の高い建築木材なので得物に都合がいい?
Now we're cookin'!
Paint the walls red!
Batter up
Step up to the plate Rick baby!
Rip their guts out!
C'mon Chop chop chop!
MACHETE マチェーテ。ハチェットとは似て非なる。


Blood is power. Kill monsters to collect blood, and then use that blood to buy more moves to kill even more monsters.
As a child Rick Taylor had sensed them; calling to him in the darkness, tearing at the walls that separate this world from other.
Then he met Jennifer, and in the light of her love his childish fears dissipated like a bad dream.
When the evil Dr. Henry West kidnaps Jennifer, Rick is plunged once more into darkness.
He discovers that the nightmare creatures of his childhood are waiting there for him.
Left for dead on the floor of West Mansion, Rick makes a pact with the mysterious and sinister Terror Mask.
It offers to save Rick's life in return for one thing: blood, and lots of it.
Rick is transformed into a brutal killer by the power of the Terror Mask; He pursues Dr. West on a journey through time and terror, batting hordes of the undead and risking his soul to save the woman he loves.
Rick may be having the worst day ever.
First he finds out that there are monsters in the world.
Then one of them kills him while a nefarious scientist - who is obviously up to no good - kidnapped his girlfriend.
To top it off, Rick now has an ancient inter-dimensional being trapped on his face and the thing just won't shut up. Great.
be up to no good よからぬことをたくらむ
 to top it all (off) なおその上に
Most people at the university think Jen is too hot for Rick, but she doesn't care much about what other people think.
Now she is in a fight for her life and is dying to get back in the hands of her true love.
Dr. Henry West has been through hell.
A hell darker than what anyone in the quiet town of Arkham could imagine.
He is desperate to get the attention of Jennifer Willis but will she find out why before it is too late?
Banished from his own world, the Entity known as the Terror Mask is grateful to be awake again and hook up with such a motivated man like Rick.
But the Terror Mask's motivations are a mystery to all but itself.
fook up with 手を組む


The Terror Mask:
It feeds on your desires and your fears, offering immortality, power - but at what cost?
Dare you wear their Terror Mask?
feed on ~ ~を糧にする
Exclusive Mask:
Turn every arena into a red circle of death.
Xbox 360 console exclusive.
(Xbox 360限定)

Skill Upgrade

The Tenderizer : A fast barrage of punches.
tenderizer 軟化剤
Rapid X
Cost 500
Windmill : Spinning attack that clears away enemies.
Cost 1000
Face Melter : Enables Rick to perform Barrage Punches until the enemy dies.
Rapid X
前提:The Tenderizer
Cost 3000
More Cushion for Pushin' : Extends fast attack combos.
Cost 8000
To 11 : Extends fast attack combos further.
前提:More Cushion for Pushin'
Cost 10,000
Uppercut Overdrive : Charge Rick's upward punch (can be aimed with Left Stick).
X, hold Y
Cost 500
Your Face, My Fist : Charge Rick's Straight punch (can be aimed with Left Stick).
Y hold Y
Cost 1000
T-N-T : Slam Attack Upgrade 1.
hold Y, aim with Left Stick
Cost 3000
A-Bomb : A powerful follow-up attack to the Heavy Slam.
A- Atomicの略
hold Y, then hold Y
Cost 8000
Gamma Bomb : Slam Attack Upgrade2.
Gamma 原子爆弾のガンマ線放出を意識したもの
Hold Y, aim Left Stick
Cost 12,000
Crowd Surf : Grab enemies and swing them around to hit other enemies.
Cost 1000
One for the Road : Grab enemies instantly while performing combos.
one for the road (別れや店を出る前の)最後の一杯
X, hold B or XX, hold B
Cost 3000
Tear you to Pieces : Grab and pull off an enemy's limbs to use as weapons.
Cost 6000
Carousel of Doom : Substantially increases the power of "Crowd Surf".
(破滅の回転木馬:実質上“Crowd Surf”のパワーアップ)
前提:Crowd Surf Cost 9000
Meat shot : Use grabbed enemies as a deadly projectile.
B, hold Y, aim with Left Stick
Cost 12,000
Ram : Charge and aim Rick's shulder Ram.
ram ラム=船首衝角
RT then press or hold Y
Cost 1000
Tackle Pack : Tackle and pummel enemies.
RT+B then X, Y, or B
Cost 2000
The Gore Factory : Roll forward and attack enemies.
RB aim with Left Stick+X, Y or B
前提:Tackle Pack
Cost 3000
Unstoppa-bull : Makes Rick invincible while rolling.
Unstoppa-bull un-stopp-ableに掛けてある
RB+ aim with Left Stick
Cost 5000
Psyco Ram : Increases the power and duration of the Ram.
RT + Hold Y
Cost 10,000
Splatter Slash : Mask Attack that slashes and slices enemies.
LT + X
前提:Phase 4クリア
Splatter Jump Slash : Mask Attack that slashes and slices enemies during jumps.
A then LT + X
前提:Phase 4クリア
Cost 3000
Splatter Slash Upgrade 1 : Increases the reach of Rick's Splatter Slash.
LT + X
前提:Phase 4クリア
Cost 6000
Splatter Shredder : Obliterate enemies with this running Mask Attack.
前提:Phase 4クリア Cost 9000
Splatter Slash Upgrade 2 : Further increases the reach of Rick's Splatter Slash.
前提:Splatter Slash Upgrade 1
Cost 12,000
Splatter Smash : Charge and aim the directional Mask Attack.
LT + Y
前提:Phase 6クリア
Splatter Jump Slam : Deadly spikes erupt from the ground with this jumping Mask Attack.
A, then LT+ hold Y
前提:Phase 6クリア
Cost 3000
Splatter Smash Upgrade 1 : Increases the length and width of the Splatter Smash.(スプラッタースマッシュ・アップグレード1:スプラッタースマッシュの射程と範囲を強化) LT+ Hold Y
前提:Phase 6クリア
Cost 6000
Splatter Ram : Charge and aim the Ram Mask Attack.
RT+LT+ hold Y
前提:Phase 6クリア
Cost 9000
Splatter Smash Upgrade 2 : Maximizes the length and width of the Splatter Smash.(スプラッタースマッシュ・アップグレード2:スプラッタースマッシュの射程と範囲を最大化する) LT+ Hold Y
前提:Splatter Smash Upgrade 1
Cost 12,000
HEALTH Splatter Siphon : Siphon blood from enemies to regenerate health.
LT + B
Health +25% : Adds one segment to Rick's Health Meter.
Cost 1000
Health +25% : Adds one segment to Rick's Health Meter.
前提:Health +25%
Cost 4000
Health +50% : Adds one segment to Rick's Health Meter.
前提:Health +25%(2)
Cost 8000
Splatter Siphon Upgrade : Increases radius of Splatter Siphon.
LT + B
Cost 10,000
MASK Berserker! : Unlocks Berserker Mode. During Berserker, you earn extra BLOOD.
前提:Phase 2ボス戦
Necro Bar +1 : Adds one segment to the Mask's Necro Meter.
前提:Phase 2クリア
Cost 4000
Berserker Radial Combo : Extends Bladed Berserk attack combo.
前提:Phase 2クリア
Cost 8000
Necro Bar +2 : Adds two segments to the Mask's Necro Meter.
前提:Necro Bar +1
Cost 10,000
Berserker Directional Combo : Extends Heavy Berserk attack combo.
前提:Phase 2クリア
Cost 11,000
WEAPONS Weaponized Grab : Grab enemies while holding a weapon. This more earns extra BLOOD Points.
Press B when holding a weapon
Cost 1000
Weapon Durability +25% : Increases the durability of weapons by 25%.
Cost 3000
Power Head Throw : Substantially increases the strength of Rick's Head Throw Attack.
Hold Y aim with Left Stick
Cost 4000
Weapon Durability +25% : Increases the durability of weapons by 25%.
前提:Weapon Durability +25%
Cost 8000
Rapid Fire Shotgun : Enables rapid-fire shotgun attacks.
Rapid RT
Cost 10000


 Intimate photos of Jennifer.

picture 1:Campus of Miskatonic University - Arkham 09/17/2010
I swear to God, you put this on the internet, and your ass is grass, buster.
 Your ass is grass. お前はおしまいだ
 buster 不快な人物への呼びかけ
picture 2:Paranormium at Dark Stone Nightclub - Arkham 10/07/2010
R Rating? When we get home, let's you and I put on our own private NC-17 show.
(未成年はお断り? 家に戻って十八禁のプライベートショウを楽しみましょうよ)
NC-17 アメリカフィルムレーティング。R Ratingは17才以下保護者同伴。NC-17は17才以下不可
picture 3:Arkham Bowl Ticket Office - Arkham 08/10/2010
Hey, you hear about that eclipse rock festival at the Arkham Bowl?
Get two tickets for it, and you'll be my hero forever.
picture 4:Rick and Jen's apartment - Arkham 06/22/2010
you want to come with me to West Mansion?
Awww, that's so sweet.
You're gonna protect me?
picture 5:Mueller's Bar, Halloween - Arkham 10/30/2010
I'm warning you, I got this whole dark side you haven't seen yet.
picture 6:Paranormium at Dark Stone Nightclub - Arkham 10/07/2010
There you are, hiding away again. You hear that?
They're playing our song. Let's go dance.
picture 7:The Willis family residence - Arkham 08/15/2010
Hey! Dandy Dog!
The doll? I've had it since I was a kid.
(このお人形? 私が子供の頃からあるの)
Nice. It's in pretty good condition; do you still have the box?
picture 8:English Language Faculty, Miskatonic University - Arkham 06/06/2010
Jen? You look so sad; what is it?
(ジェン? 悲しい顔をしてるね。何かあったの?)
Promise me one thing; Promise me you'll never change.
picture 9:Hotel 765, Boston - 10/15/2010
My hero; come here and get your reward.
picture 10:Backstage at Wanpaku Graffiti -Arkham 09/01/2010
We have to stay together, Rick Taylor.
We're like some pair of sick and twisted soul-mate freaks!
※FC版スプラッターハウス『わんぱくグラフィティ』は旧作の前日談。 本編前に行われた映画の撮影という設定。 本作もその設定を踏襲している。
picture 11:Rick's dorm room, Miskatonic University campus - Arkham 11/19/2009
Not keeping you from your studies, am I?
Thought you had a paper to finish for tomorrow...
picture 12:The Willis family residence - Arkham 08/15/2010
Just for you, Rick-o. I'm yours, and no-one else's.
picture 13:Rick and Jen's apartment - Arkham 06/22/2010
You and your crazy ideas.
Sometimes I think there must be some evil voice inside your head, Rick...
picture 14:Rick and Jen's apartment - Arkham 10/06/2010
Six years? God, sometimes it feels like we've known each other forever.
(まだ6年? ときどきずっと大昔からお互いに知り合いだったような気持ちになるわ)
Like in past lives, or something...
picture 15:The men's bathroom at Wanpaku Graffiti - Arkham 10/07/2010
I had this freaky dream last night.
I was trapped someplace far away...
...but I knew you would come and rescue me.
Weird, huh?
(ウィアード? 何?)
picture 16:The Willis family residence - Arkham 08/11/2004
When we're old, how are we gonna tell our grandkids...
...our first date together was to an all-night splatter movie marathon?
picture 17:Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - 07/28/2010
What do I want to be after college?
Hmm... I don't know... prize-winning journalist...
(んー、わかんないなぁ。ピュリッツァー受賞記者……) fashion model... or maybe just Mrs. Rick Taylor...
That doesn't sound so bad.